Thursday, 30 June 2011

Skaftien Tickets

Skaftien is a south african colloquialism for 'lunchbox'. SKAFTIEN is a recurring community-based meal that generates and democratically awards micro-grants for creative, experimental and innovative arts projects in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. At each SKAFTIEN, attendees purchase a ticket for which they receive a meal, a ballot, and entertainment. During the meal, the diners listen to five proposals so as to cast up to two votes for their favourite project/s. We are interested in ideas that, in their experiential form may not attract funding from conventional sources, yet contribute fresh perspectives on the relevance of the arts. The winner of the popular vote is awarded a grant funded by the proceeds of the event, and is asked to present the manifestation of the project at the next event.

I was asked to design the tickets, which change form with each event. This time I took the logo design by Rangoato Hlasane which is Soviet inspired and made a little note book with a ballot card in the front cover and has the event information and line up on the back.

for more information on the event visit

stone cold bitch

I'm a woman, and I can be a satanic witch sometimes, so this is for for the horrible shit i put my boyfriend through on a weekly basis.

stop smoking cigarettes

a Sketch for the frustration

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I got out of bed on the wrong side, and the heinous sleep hangover had left these characters lingering in my consciousness- I took some Paper clay and tooth-pics and brought them out into the real world...