Friday, 19 August 2011

Propa Portfolio 2011


  1. Hi Natalie,
    Its not quite my style, but then I am touching the 60's so one can't expect me to be. I do however really appreciate the technique, so welcome to the life of a designer. You'll never be bored, might not be stinking wealthy, might border on madness, might have mood swings between being happy and frustrated, but in the end you'll survive....but think what you contribute to the ecology as a designer.....sustainability is a key word....and as designers we have a responsibility to earth. All of the best....John

  2. Thanks for the input John, funny- I feel as if I'm standing on the edge of the threshold about to jump and hoping that my parachute opens, and even though somewhere in the back of my mind I have visions of myself as crusty, flattened road-kill, I still WANT to dive out into the sky. Romantic- I know, but true.